C programming language information

New, permanent URL: cprog.tomsweb.net. The site is now hosted by a "proper" hosting company.

Tutorial: An introduction to C, by Tom Torfs

Current version: 2004-05-03 (fix list)

HTML version (cintro.html)

New! PDF version (cintro.pdf)

ZIP archive (cintro.zip), containing:
* HTML version
* plain text version
* all example programs as plain text .c files

Memory debugging utility: MDEBUG

Current version: 1998-08-31

ZIP archive (mdebug.zip), containing:
* mdebug.h (contains instructions for usage)
* mdebug.c

Other C stuff

Header file that allows the use of binary constants in C

Online C discussion

The comp.lang.c Usenet newsgroup, accessible through http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.c/

The C_Echo / Snippets C mailing list, more information and subscribing at http://snippets.org/mailman/listinfo/c

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